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Discover Roslagens unique natural and cultural delights along the new Roslagsleden trail between Danderyd and Grisslehamn on the Sea of Åland.

The trail offers almost 190 km of hiking past ancient settlements dotted with runestones, through pristine forests with crystal clear lakes, across fields of cows and sheep, past historical sites with churches and castles, through protected countryside with rare flora and fauna and along a coastline of rocks, shingle, sand and an endlessly beautiful sea.

In this hiking guide, we've split the Roslagsleden trail into 11 sections, each suitable for a day's hike. The shortest is 9 km long, the longest 25 km. Assume a normal walking pace of 5 km per hour. Of course, if you stop off along the way to enjoy the sights, it may take a little more time. The guide is accompanied by a map to a scale of 1:50 000.

All the way along Roslagsleden there are plenty of places to stay overnight - everything from simple shelters to youth hostels. There are also campsites, B&B's, cottages and hotels.

(NOTE: Since the book has been reprinted more accommodation has come, while others have fallen away. See for more current information about what is available along the way.)